Working at NovioQ

NovioQ holds extensive experience in the digital enterprise market and in developing efficient, robust, and scalable low-code applications designed for enterprise environments. The company primarily serves multinational customers in Europe and around the world, focusing on the rapid deployment of high-quality, customized solutions.

NovioQ maintains active partnerships with leading technology providers like OutSystems, Exasol, SAP, and Spinque, ensuring access to top-tier technologies for optimal solutions. By focusing on partners that deliver the best in the field, NovioQ ensures that every client solution is well-informed, innovative, and of the highest quality. With their collaborations and extensive experience, NovioQ guarantees that every client, big or small, receives a solution that is continuously optimized, balanced, and tailored to their specific needs.

Organizational culture
NovioQ's culture blends structured quality control with a flat organization approach, promoting open expression and inclusivity. The company values contributions from all team members, fostering leadership opportunities for both extroverted and introverted individuals. In this company setting, independence and self-awareness are key, enabling each team member's personal and professional development.

Join NovioQ for a collaborative and supportive work environment, where mentorship and personal growth are as valued as client work. We seek individuals with respect for diversity and a commitment to continuous development. Be part of a team that encourages independence and self-awareness, helping you become the best version of yourself.

Isabelle van der Made
Commercial Director
  • Home base in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Other offices in Lisbon-Cascais (Portugal), Frankfurt (Germany) and Boston (USA)
  • Average age 30 years
  • 40% / 60%
  • Hybrid working and flexible hours

Growth possibilities at this organisation

At NovioQ, we offer a unique opportunity to grow in a field you’re passionate about, whether it’s training, architecture, (pre-)sales, UI/UX, or beyond. Our workplace is all about engaging and supporting your growth, helping you build a career that fits you. We’re here to support your personal and professional growth at your own pace, matching your goals with the company’s direction. Come and build a career that lines up with what you’re passionate about.

Jobs at NovioQ

Field of work

What is our biggest challenge?

Our key challenge lies in inspiring and empowering companies to embrace innovative approaches that differ from their traditional choices of the past. Both the technology and work methods we introduce are often new and may initially pose a challenge for adoption. However, this transition enables companies to achieve significant improvements in speed, capabilities, and cost-efficiency. Once initiated, the results consistently generate enthusiasm and positive outcomes.

‘Empowering innovation, nurturing growth and celebrating diversity for client success.’